Opened and peacefull mind

About me

  • Doreen Haak
  • Registered Nurse and Yoga Teacher - Rishikul Yogshala, Kerala
  • Yin Yoga Teacher - Satya Yoga Darmstadt with Tanja Seehofer
  • Hatha Yoga since 2010

I remember back: As a Nurse I often was in hurry by my self. Every day I felt that something is going wrong with me. Than I had a break in my job and travelled to Thailand and Laos for a lot of weeks. I came in contact with the buddhism. and the meditation.  Back home I tried to meditate for 10 Minutes every day. But it wasn't possible. My thoughts don't wanted to be sillent. And than what a luck I heard from Yoga. I went to a teacher and practice there 2 times a week for 90 minutes. From there my live and my live quality was growing up. Many Years later I decided to travel to the motherland of Yoga in India to become a teacher, and now I have an additional education in Yin Yoga.


Hatha and Yin Yoga is a present for me and I want to share this wonderful Yoga present with you!